Let´s get this weekend rollin´!
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To celebrate that we have a lot of shows to announce soon we offer this Old thang for you to SHARE if you pretty please! :)

This was an unforgettable night and we are currently exploring different options to make a new one - what do you think, what should such a show contain, what songs, whatever you want to say here regarding this - LET US KNOW!
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Openers for our shows in Sweden are the very talented youngsters of the band Outtrigger ! Pay them a visit here at facebook or at Spotify! ... See MoreSee Less

Malmö and Stockholm! Let´s get it on! TICKETS! www.biljettforum.se/kop/biljetter/?token=Qf6EELZNRMl6yDZpVsmf85C%2bM66bSdOO5r9XDo2hmSuJPytAPqfyl7... ht...

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A LOT of new items in the SHOP. Hoodies and black and white shirts!
Go check it out! Either right here above or at evergrey.net (4 photos)
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Are you guys interested in things like this clip?
Let´s say it´s for a “survey-type-of-thing” to evaluate what we should do with certain things. ;)
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A very unusual (and now old) clip where Tom go through all the different tunings used in Evergrey as well as the rest of his live gear.
Only for the gear freaks! :) Happy Saturday!
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